Sunday, October 30, 2016

Statement of Information Notice, Part 3

We didn't receive a Statement of Information notice from the California Secretary of State this year. According to a customer-service representative in the business entities division, these notices are typically mailed out several weeks before an LLC's filing deadline, providing adequate time to comply with this biennial obligation; however, given that the penalty for non-compliance is $250, we recommend not relying on these notices. Fortunately for us, InCorp Services, our registered agent,* sent us email reminders at the beginning and end of this month, so we didn't miss our filing deadline.

This year, in addition to the standard Statement of Information (Form LLC-12), there is a new form that can be used when there are no changes to any of the information contained in the previously submitted form. Appropriately, it is called the Statement of No Change (Form LLC-12NC). It is similar to the obsolete Form LLC-12R, which, according to two commenters, was still being referenced on Statement of Information notices as recently as last year, despite not existing for at least four years. Since we didn't receive a notice this year, we cannot confirm whether the error has been corrected.

Regarding the filing fee of $20, it still must be submitted by mail or in person. Corporations have had an online payment option for at least six years, but the Secretary of State still hasn't seen fit to extend this simple convenience to LLCs.
*Every California LLC is required to have a registered agent, which must be specified on its Statement of Information. We highly recommend InCorp Services for their entity-management system, excellent customer service, and unbeatable prices. See these posts for more information.