Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Statement of Information Notice, Part 2

We recently received our biennial notice from the California Secretary of State informing us that our Statement of Information (LLC-12R) is due. The only problem is that this form no longer exists! I spoke with a customer-service representative, and she informed me that Form LLC-12R had been merged with Form LLC-12 to make a hybrid with the latter's name; however, budget cuts have prevented them from updating the notices.

Online filing and payments are still not available for LLCs as they are for corporations, so you still have to print out the form and mail it with a check for $20. They are currently 11 weeks behind in processing statements of information, so it will likely take that long for them to deposit your check. Use a cashier's check or money order if you plan on changing banks during that time.

Update: Form LLC-12NC is now the correct form to file when there are no changes to the Statement of Information.


Anonymous said...

As of 4/21/2014

they are still sending out notices of llc-12r, still now available online to submit. $20 to check a little box is lame.

Jeff Conroy said...

I guess 18 months just isn't enough time for the government to make a simple improvement. Unfortunately, though, it was more than enough time for them to add some new fees.