Friday, May 28, 2010

Final Sprout Update

The folks at Sprout have finally deleted the Flash widget that was featured on the landing page of our temporary sign-up site. We expected this to happen last summer, so I am pleased we were able to use it as long as we did. I visited their site to see the current pricing, but the link redirects to the landing page. (Their site contains a number of other errant links as well.)

When I tried to log in, I was informed that our account had been closed on March 30, and that they no longer offer the Sprout Builder subscription service. According to this FAQ, access to our widget ended May 14, which, if accurate, means it took us nearly two weeks to notice. Oops. It appears that they only support enterprise clients now, with service starting at $2,999 per year (for previous subscribers). We wish them good luck with their new business model.