Friday, April 30, 2010

We aren't really using Drupal. Really.

Okay, not really. But according to a MetaFilter user (and, I suspect, some other Drupal purists):

"If not using the views module and CCK, you aren't really using Drupal. Really."

We started out using CCK (Content Construction Kit) and Views, two of the most widely used Drupal modules. I began defining our custom content types using CCK, and Mike began using Views to create the various renderings of those content types. Unfortunately, CCK was too restrictive with regard to the permitted types and relationships of field declarations, and too inefficient with regard to the database types it employed for those fields. Eventually, I abandoned CCK in favor of rolling our own nodes. At the same time, Mike was encountering a number of limitations with Views. Because we were no longer using CCK, it made sense to ditch Views as well. And with those two modules went several other submodules—right into the recycle bin.

Based on our brief experience with CCK and Views, I see how they would be useful for creating conventional objects and displays—especially for non-programmers, who couldn't take the route we did. But for us, they weren't a good fit. As it turns out, for a variety of other reasons, we would've ended up writing our own nodes anyway. No hard feelings, eh?