Thursday, December 31, 2009

Go Daddy Domain Renewal

I just renewed our domains with Go Daddy, and things didn't go as smoothly as they have in the past. I tried to use some of the coupon codes they sent me (e.g., gdr1251x, which takes 25% off a $60 purchase), but found that these coupons don't apply to bulk renewals or otherwise discounted items. This was confirmed by a customer-service representative with whom I spoke. Unfortunately, he failed to offer me any discount beyond the bulk rates that were already applied to my shopping cart. He did, however, offer to complete my transaction. I politely declined, as I was not ready to admit defeat.

I tested all of the codes available via the popular coupon Web sites, but none* of them worked for my purchase. I then tried the other coupon codes I had been sent this month, but again no luck. I even tried splitting the purchase into two transactions to avoid the bulk discounts in favor of a possibly larger coupon discount. This didn't work either because some of the domains were still being discounted. Finally, I noticed that some of the expiration-notice emails contained coupon codes for 10% off, with no minimum purchase requirement. The first two didn't work, but the third one did. The winning code was gd50bbpd5. No expiration date was given, but most of the codes that Go Daddy sends by email expire in less than 30 days. If you need it, hurry before it's gone.

*There were coupon codes available that gave a tiny discount for .com renewals, but I was looking for a dollar or percentage discount off the entire purchase.