Saturday, November 28, 2009

LLC Registered Agent, Part 2

We recently switched to a new registered agent, which required us to notify the Secretary of State by filing an updated Statement of Information (Form LLC-12). Unfortunately, we didn't take mail processing times into account, which left us in agent limbo for a few weeks. Apparently, recent budget cuts in California have sharply increased how long it takes the Secretary of State to process requests.

I contacted our former agent, LegalZoom, and they assured me that they would forward any court documents served to us during the period between the time that we signed up with InCorp Services and the time that the Secretary of State recorded the change of agent. As far as I know, they were not required to do this, so I would not recommend relying on the good will of your current agent if you plan on switching. Instead, check the mail processing times in your state, and make the switch early enough for the change to be recorded before the contract with your current agent expires.